“The Lawcountability J.D. curriculum was created by Ari Kaplan, legal advisor and founder of Ari Kaplan Advisors, and consists of 10-minute webinars which come out weekly. Kaplan explained that these webinars focus on how students ‘can raise their profiles and network more effectively with potential employers. It also provides guidance on follow-up, social media, and creating content.'”

“Law students get well trained in the rules of law and how to think like a lawyer, but they often lack the necessary business acumen to grow their careers and their firms,” said Peter Frey, Chief Technology Officer for BARBRI. “Lawcountability, J.D. is the perfect training tool to develop these types of skills.”

“Lawcountability, founded by Ari Kaplan, is a smart way to execute by building accountability, consistency, and creativity into your professional, career, and business development.”

“It’s an impressive, well-thought-out system built to work with the savvy analysis of Ari Kaplan.”

“One of the biggest problems lawyers have, whether it’s with marketing or succession planning, is implementation.”

“So during that video session, he posted it to LinkedIn; that day, about a dozen of his LinkedIn contacts responded to his post.”

“After tapping into the videos, Tucker had the pluck to network at a recent event and got two requests for information, one of which resulted in a fall semester job offer.”

“Lawcountability, a cloud-based platform that helps lawyers build accountability into their marketing and business development, is a prime example of the way cloud technologies have worked their way into the everyday lives of attorneys.”

“If building your business through networking is one of your goals and you need an external source to help keep you motivated and inspired, I strongly recommend that you consider Lawcountability.”

“An online tool and iOS app designed to help lawyers build accountability into their business development, marketing, and networking.”

“The coach you have always wanted.”