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We have reinvented the way law students network and raise their profile with our iPhone app offering anytime anywhere access to dynamic content and the robust technology that fuels action to give you a competitive advantage in your job search.

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2017-2018 USERS

I am an alum and have been enjoying the videos. I downloaded the iPhone app and listen to the programs on my way into work. I think that many of your ideas are great when it comes to marketing yourself and creating lasting professional relationships.

-Matthew Colliss, Attorney & Alumnus
Golden Gate University School of Law

I have four interviews for the summer, ranging from small firms to a medium size firm, as well as a judicial clerkship. My grades are solid but somewhat unremarkable. I attribute my success completely to the networking/outreach I've done. Your videos have been a tremendous help. I watch them each week and they are very helpful. I generally take the steps suggested in the videos, and the results have been great. The system is very well-done, and I prefer watching on my iPhone.

-Student, Class of 2017
Georgia State University College of Law

I continually find the concrete strategies very helpful. I know sometimes it is easy to push to the back burner things that we need to be doing for our networking and career development. With this product, we can have a manageable way to approach the sometimes illusory and daunting job market. It is very task focused and you can pick up wherever you left off. I would highly recommend it for any introvert like myself.

-Dan Cyr, Class of 2015
Indiana University Maurer School of Law

I enjoyed the Lawcountability seminars and found them very helpful.

-Brie Richardson, Class of 2017
University of Wyoming College of Law

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